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Written by Site Administrators   

This document contains frequently asked questions and the responses.  The top portion lists all the questions covered in this document and the questions and responses can be seen by scrolling through this document further.  In addition, several help topics are available via the Main Menu under the Reference Materials link, in the subtopic Web Site Help.

  • Membership at this site 
  • Create a new account
  • Lost password or Request a new password
  • Change password
  • Find a member profile
  • Send email to other web site members
  • Post a comment or question
  • Change the view of messages in the forum
  • Create a new forum topic
  • Subscribe to a forum thread
  • Subscribe to a forum
  • Add a photo for your profile
  • Add photos to a gallery
  • Use RSS for “feeds” of forum activity

Membership at this site:

Membership in the ATUGOA web site is restricted to owners of American Tugs.  The majority of the site is open for public review (e.g., forums, links, galleries, etc.).  However, non-AT owners will not have access to the member list and will not have the ability to post queries on forum pages.  For non-owners interested in the potential purchase of an American Tug, we suggest that you contact the factory via their web site (see the link on our home page).


Create a new account:

To create an account on our owner web site (which is not associated with the
factory or dealers), you should use the "No account yet?" link in the login corner of the
web site near the top left and follow the prompts on the following screens to provide us with your user profile.  You will receive an email that you will need to respond to that will verify your email address.  If your email system has a spam filter, you may need to monitor your "potential spam" or "junk mail" mailbox.  Information on this feature will be provided by your internet service provider or in your email software (e.g., Outlook Express).  If necessary, go to your "junk mail" folder and look for a message from This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and designate the email address as "allowed" mail.  Then respond to the message and we will be able to process your membership request.  When we receive your response to the email that is sent to you, we will review profile.  Once you are approved you will receive a follow-up email confirming your membership.


Lost password or Request a new password:

Look directly below where you are asked to put in your password near the top left corner.  Look for the button "Login" and directly below that is the "Lost Password?" link.   Click on that link.  Enter your user name and your email address.  You will be sent an email with a temporary password that you can use for your next login.  Once you have completed a login with the temporary password, then use the methods below for changing your password into something you can remember.


Change password:

Once you log in with your current (or temporary) password, look at the left side for the link "My profile".  From the next screen, select "Edit", "Update Your Profile".  This will let you see the original profile you completed.  On the profile, there are two boxes to enter and verify a new password.  Type the password you would like to use in the future into these two boxes.


Find a member profile:

Be sure to log in to the web site.  Locate the User List link under the heading of User Menu at the left side of the screen.  Click on this link.  In the box under the title "Member List", type the first name or last name of the user of interest.  Click on the magnifying glass symbol to start the search.  When typing the name, it is not necessary to capitalize and any portion of the name can be used (e.g., "seve" will find Shawn Severn and Corinne Severn).


Send email to other web site members:

At the left side of the screen, click the link for User list.  Locate the user you want to
email and click on their name or image (you can use the Find a member profile method described above to locate the member of interest).  Then when the profile for the selected member appears, look for the Message menu at the top of the screen and select "send email".  This keeps everyone's email address private if they want to limit access to it.  Your email address will be included when you send the message and then the person you contact can respond directly to you.


Post a comment or question:

Be sure to log in (only members can create and respond to a post) and then select the Forums link available from the menus at the left side of your screen.  Locate the appropriate forum topic and click on the forum title.  If you wish to start a new discussion topic, locate the "New Thread" button just below the forum title.  If you wish to respond to an existing discussion, open the relevant forum message and click on the "Reply" button to respond.


Change the view of messages in the forum:

There are two available views for the forum. There is a flat view, which is the default view. This will show messages with the earliest message first and more recent messages lower on the screen. There is no option in the system to reverse the order to have the most recent at the top.  The second view is called "Threaded view". This shows messages grouped by the subtopic rather than strictly in chronological order. Dotted lines connect messages in the manner in which users used the "Reply" button to respond. This allows you to see how messages relate to earlier posts. However, the order within a topic is still earliest at the top to most recent lower down.

To select the view of choice, look at the top banner in the forums (medium blue color banner with white lettering for links) and locate the link for "Flat view" or "Threaded view" (only one of the two options will be visible based on you current view).  Click on the available choice.   Review forum messages to see how the selection affects the manner in which forum messages are sorted.


Create a new forum topic:

The forum topics can only be created by the administrators.  This is to limit the
proliferation of topics that may have limited applicability to our community and
duplication of similar topic areas.  If you do not see a topic appropriate to your needs
in the forums already, please use the Suggestions area of the forum to put forth a suggested topic.  Alternatively, you can create a new "Story" about your experience in the buying,
building, and delivery process by using the "Submit Story" menu on the left side of the
screen under user menu.  Stories are a great way to submit descriptions as opposed to
using the forum which is a format that is great for questions and interactive discussions.


Subscribe to a forum thread:

If you respond to a forum post, you will automatically be subscribed to receive emails of responses.  However, if you are not responding to the forum, but would like to receive automatic email when someone else responds to a post, you can use one of the subscribe buttons; the subscribe buttons near the lower left corner below the post while you are viewing it or the same button appears near the top left corner above the post.    


Subscribe to a forum:

Navigate to a forum of interest.  Look for the subscribe button on the lower left corner. Click once on the button and wait for a few moments for the subscription to be registered. Members may subscribe to multiple forums.

To unsubscribe to a forum, log onto the web site, navigate to the desired forum, and click on the unsubscribe button.


Add a photo for your profile:

Look at the left side of your screen for the menu section titled "User Menu" and locate "My profile".  Click on that link.  This will open your current profile for editing.  Point to the "Edit" button near the top of the page and click on the menu item called "Update Your Image" that appears.  If you like, you can select one of the existing images (e.g. skateboarder) by clicking on the empty dot next to the image and the clicking on the "Confirm" button.  If you prefer, you can upload a personalized image by clicking on the browse button and navigating the files on your computer to locate a JPEG, BMP, or other appropriate graphic file format.  Once you select a file, click on the Open button on the dialog box and then click on the "Upload" button on the web page.  Note: You will have to wait a little while until the site moderators approve your new image.  Also, please be aware that your profile image file must be 100 Kilobytes (200x500 pixels) or less.


Add photos to a gallery:

NOTE:  Please limit file sizes for your photos to approximately 100 Kilobytes (KB) or less.  Look at the left side of your screen for the menu section titled "User Menu" and locate "Upload pictures".  Click on that link.  This will direct you to a web page that looks a little intimidating at first, but it is really not too complicated once you try it once or twice.  Scroll down the page and you will notice a section with two tabs labeled "My Images" and "My galleries".  When uploading pictures, you can add them to an existing gallery or create a new gallery.  We will first step through the process of creating a gallery and then describe how to upload a picture. Select the tab labeled "My galleries".  Scroll down so you can see the items below the heading "Create Gallery".  In the box next to "Gallery name", type a short name (e.g. Panama Canal).  In the box below, next to "Description", type a description that will identify the types of photos that the gallery will contain (e.g. Photos from my 2007 trip through the Panama Canal).  Below the description, click on the check box labeled "Published".  Now over to the right side of the web page and locate the icon that looks like a floppy disk and click on it.  This will save your new gallery.  Now you are ready to upload photos to this gallery. If not already selected, choose the "My Images" tab.  Scroll down to the section labeled "Add Image" and locate the pull-down menu next to "Gallery".  Use the pull-down button to select a gallery where you wil upload your photo.  Next click on the browse button and navigate through the folders on your computer to the location where you have photos.  Select an image and press the Open button.   Next, add a short title and a description for your photo.  Locate the icon that looks like a floppy disk and click on it.  This will save your photo.  You will find that at the upper portion of this page, you can keep track of how many galleries you created and how many files you have uploaded.  


Use RSS for "feeds" of forum activity:

RSS is the abbreviation for "really simple syndication".  This is a method for delivering "news" feeds and is found on web sites that are frequently updated (e.g. blogs, news headline sites, and podcasts).  RSS allows readers to subscribe so that they can keep up on the latest postings on their favorite web sites without having to go directly to that site.  RSS content is read using software called "RSS readers" or "feed readers" or "aggregators".   One example of a web-based reader is Google Reader  (http://www.google.com/reader/).  With a personalized Google home page (http://www.google.com/ig/), you can have feeds from your favorite web sites displayed when you open your personalized page.  A similar reader is available with a personalized Yahoo home page (http://cm.my.yahoo.com/).  Specific instructions about how to set up a personalized web site (e.g. Google or Yahoo) with RSS feeds from the www.atugoa.com web site is available in the Reference Materials section of this site, under the topic of Web Site Help, or by using the link below:


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