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AT 485-01 seen on the water

Welcome owners of American Tugs!  Web site registration is limited to AT owners only.  Non-owner registrations will be denied.  We welcome web site guests to view our content and discussion forums, but you will not be able to post items in the forums.  Owners wishing to post items or view owner-only content must create and login with their web site user account.   

WEB SITE HIGHLIGHTS include our discussion forums which have been organized by popular topic areas, photo albums (see Galleries), stories submitted by owners, and some reference sections.

ARE YOU LOOKING TO BUY AN AMERICAN TUG?  You may be interested in visiting the factory web site for TOMCO Marine Group.  There you will find information about the models available and authorized dealers.  The factory web site is located by following this link:   www.americantugs.com

You may also wish to review the "For Sale" section of the Forums to view any boats currently offered for sale by our members. Jump to this forum by using the link below:


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LOOKING FOR INFORMATION ON EVENTS? Please refer to the Announcements section of the Forum or refer to the News and Events section (only open to members of this site) which you can access using the navigation menu at the left. The web site administrators do not coordinate rendezvous registration or planning and as such, they are not aware of rendezvous details beyond what is published on this web site. So, we know as much about it as you do ;-)