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This is now the OLD American Tug Owner Web Site -

Please do not post any new topics in the forums of this web site.  Any posts to the forums here will not be accessible to the new members who have joined our ranks and do not have an account at this site.  

Please join us at the new web site at the following link -


Our new web site will be easier for users to navigate and use.  It will allow members to select if they would like to get regular email "digests" summarizing new web site postings.  The web site will be free of charge, although we will have some visible ads on the web pages. 

When you get to the new web site, you will have to complete a few steps for registration.  Please have some patience and we hope it will be worth your time.  Please be sure to watch your spam mail folders during the registration process for emails concerning user confirmation and approval.


As of Friday June 20, 2014, we will no longer sign up new members to this web site.  Registration will be closed, but existing members will be able to log in and use the features of this site until April 2015.  Non-members will continue to be able to peruse the web site.

Lost your Password? Please use the Lost Password? link which is available in the login box at the top left. For more information, please refer to the FAQs (see menu at left). Be sure to monitor your junk mail/spam mail folders if you haven't seen a response within 10 minutes.


ARE YOU LOOKING TO BUY AN AMERICAN TUG?  You may be interested in visiting the factory web site for TOMCO Marine Group.  There you will find information about the models available and authorized dealers.  The factory web site is located by following this link:   www.americantugs.com

You may also wish to review the "For Sale" section of the Forums to view any boats currently offered for sale by our members.